Caiyos Computer Services


Server Administration

For a very basic definition of a server, please see What is a server and why do you need one?

We can help set-up and manage linux-based servers for many roles. Often these servers will run on old hardware, and are a great way to utilize old machines. Please contact us for more details.

Role-Based Servers

Servers can be setup to support any services listed in network management, as well as the following roles:

  • Type 1 hypervisors for hosting virtual machines (for supporting infrastructure or testing)
  • Container-based virtualization for development, testing, or infrastructure
  • Application servers (centralized application hosts for shared applications)
  • Thin client servers (for network-booting very old and minimally-resourced machines)
  • Windows Domain Controllers (using Samba)

Hardware Acquisition and Setup

We can also help purchase new sever hardware designed to run linux for any server role.

About Us

We are a small business in Central Oregon who's mission is to help other small businesses simplify and optimize their technology resources with linux and open-source software.

Brooks, the owner of Caiyos, is self-educated and has over 20 years of experience working in the fields of IT and computer science with dozens of companies. Along with delivering professional service, he provides clear, understandable, and timely communication.